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Hepsia Email Manager

Hepsia's Email Manager is a one-stop e-mail management tool, which will give you full command over your mailboxes and email newsletters. With this easy-to-navigate interface, you can set up a brand new email mailbox in no time and administer its settings effortlessly. Besides, you can forward electronic mail messages from one e-mail account to another, create email filters, set up auto-reply messages and guard your email boxes against spam electronic mails.



Anti-Spam Protection

We have server-side anti-spam filtering software, so you can protect all your mail accounts against spam emails. You can also change the anti-spam protection level from 'Very Low' to 'Very High' to make sure that no unwanted messages will find their way into your email box. Your email messages will be filtered out based on their spam score. You can also decide whether an e-mail message flagged as spam should be deleted or redirected to a given mailbox account.

Email Filters

Mail filters are great for sorting your incoming e-mail messages based on certain rules specified by you. Creating e-mail filters is very easy - all you need to do is fill in a simple form and your email filter will be activated and will take effect instantaneously. You can easily set up a filter for any of your electronic mail accounts and define the e-mail filtering criteria as per your wish.

Email Forwarding

You can quickly forward your incoming electronic mail messages from one e-mailbox account to another, or even to a number of other email mailboxes. Simply select the e-mail box you would like to redirect electronic mails from, then choose the destination mailbox and select if you wish to keep a copy on our mail servers.

Auto-Configuration Options

With the Email Manager, you can easily set up the e-mail client of your liking to access your e-mailboxes. Simply go to the Auto-Config column next to the electronic mail account you wish to set up on your PC or mobile phone and click on the email client that you would like to use (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail). Then a file will be generated for you. Drag the file to your electronic mail client and the new mailbox will be configured in an instant.

More Features

With the Email Manager graphical user interface, managing multiple email boxes simultaneously is a breeze. The Email Manager interface will also permit you to easily create an auto-reply message - enter the message you want people to see and our system will take care of the rest. And if you want to set up a catch-all mailbox - you can achieve that with a simple mouse click on the Catch-all icon.

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